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Customers / Realizations

An important aspect of our work is the creative atmosphere that accompanies implementation projects. The achieved results and lessons learned are always the result of teamwork based on a thorough analysis, in which often comes to creative confrontation and exchange of views. In this way solutions are tailored and thoughtful, touching the essence of problems.

In the following, selected projects in realization of which our consultants had the pleasure to attend:

  • StoraEnso Poland – SAP PP implementation with variant configuration. Advanced production planning and scheduling supported by SAP APO PP/DS application.
  • Maspex Poland – SAP PP implementation. Forecasting, distribution planning and detailed production planning and scheduling supported by SAP APO DP/SNP/PPDS applications (planning based on descriptive characteristics). Implementation of APO GATP.
  • Hilton Foods Poland – Forecasting and Production planning with SAP APO DP / PPDS.
  • Pfleiderer Poland – SOP process implementation supported by APO DP functionality. Production planning and control supported by SAP PP / APO PP/DS (block planning functionality).
  • British American Tobacco UK – Global SCM Project integrating suppliers and customers in logistic network, solution supported by SAP ERP and APO DP/SNP components (network optimization, implementation of VMI scenario).
  • Pepsi Americas Hungary – Production planning and scheduling with APO PP/DS (roll-out of the solution to Czech and Hungary).
  • Cadbury Schweppes Denmark – SOP process implementation supported by SAP R/3 Flexible planning functionality.
  • CMC Zawiercie Poland – Roll-out of the global planning solution in the area of APO DP / SNP / PP/DS.
  • Unilever Netherlands – Planning project to include new brands bought by Unilever in logistic planning network, supported by APO DP/SNP components.