Industry Knowledge
is a Key to Success

To provide optimal client support, we need to speak their language and understand the key drivers and challenges they are facing. We don’t pretend to be a one-stop shop for everything. That's why we concentrate on specific industries where we already have a presence, and where we cultivate further knowledge and experience.

Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods industry faces numerous supply chain management challenges, including fierce competition, demand volatility, promotional pressure, rapidly changing product portfolios, complex distribution networks, elevated transportation costs, and inventory management complexities. 

R&S Group has engaged in numerous projects for major players in the Consumer Goods industry, serving as both the primary solution provider and a partner to renowned consultancies. The most interesting implementations tend to be linked to their functional complexity. We have extensive experience in LP (linear programming - continuous variables) and MILP (mixed integer linear programming – a combination of continuous and discrete variables) algorithms. Such solutions present a significant challenge both in terms of building planning models based on cost parameters and from the perspective of generated results, where a trade-off is required between achieving competitive goals with the simultaneous optimal use of production and logistics resources.

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry faces various challenges in supply chain management, including regulatory compliance, rigorous quality and safety regulations, complex manufacturing, substantial capital requirements, country-specific product directives, raised service level expectations, cold chain management, supply chain disruptions, the need for supply chain visibility, and the impacts of globalisation.

With extensive experience working alongside a leading global pharmaceutical company, R&S Group possesses in-depth knowledge of the business processes and system solutions tailored to the pharmaceutical industry, such as product lifecycle management, market-specific distribution requirements, and batch & shelf-life management. Supporting a team of 700+ users worldwide, we monitor planning tasks around the clock to ensure the stability and continuity of solutions. We approach our role with a strong sense of responsibility, always prioritizing the well-being of patients who rely on the medicines manufactured by our clients.


The manufacturing industry faces several challenges, such as short product lifecycles, customization, disruption, quality control, inventory management, global competition, cost management, transparency, and data availability.

R&S Group has extensive experience in implementing solutions for industries with complex manufacturing processes, including laser cutting, bending, machining, powder and dry painting surface treatment, mechanical assembly, and final assembly. It is particularly important in such industries to prepare accurate data models, multi-level material structures, and complete process flows. Our proposed solutions often contain variant configurators to optimize production, sales, and procurement plans. We have industry-specific experience in the furniture, cable, and heavy equipment sectors.

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