SAP Consulting

  • How can I improve my current Supply Chain Planning landscape?
  • How can I squeeze more out of my SAP APO/IBP/S4 HANA PPDS applications?
  • How do I find an experienced and reliable implementation partner who understands and addresses the specific requirements of my business?
  • What are the best options for enhancing the standard functionalities to better support my processes?
  • Who is best placed to help me manage the day-to-day operations of my SAP Supply Chain applications, resolve system issues, and support my business users?

Our experts, many of whom cut their teeth at SAP and the Big4 consulting companies, will provide answers to all these questions, and more. 

R&S Group has been successfully delivering SAP implementation projects since 2007 and as a trusted advisor, we place great importance on building long-term relationships. 

We have been a member of the SAP PartnerEdge programme since 2011.

SAP Consulting
Implementation Services

Our consultants have been implementing SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer since the very beginning of SAP APO. Together with our clients, we have naturally evolved and most of our activity now centres around SAP IBP and S4 HANA PPDS. Depending on the specific project/process requirements or client standards, we have the flexibility to lead projects using traditional cascading or agile methodologies combined with Accelerated SAP and SAP Best Practices. 

Our team possesses deep product and process knowledge and boasts excellent project management and communication skills.

Learn more about the benefits of implementing SAP Supply Chain Solution with R&S Group

SAP Consulting
Application Support and Management

SAP Application Support refers to the continuous maintenance and support of SAP software applications, including end-user assistance, technical troubleshooting, and the smooth and efficient running of software.

Choose between on-premise or cloud-based SAP Supply Chain Applications. On-premise installations typically require more support from the organisation, which takes responsibility for managing hardware and software. With Cloud-based solutions, the vendor oversees maintenance and management. Competent user support and system monitoring does, however, remain crucial for both setups. Discover more about R&S Group's Managed Service approach and how we can support your SAP applications.


Advantages of SAP Supply Chain Solutions
Enhanced planning and scheduling accuracy

SAP IBP provides real-time data and analytics that help organizations to make better decisions, leading to increased planning accuracy.

Improve collaboration across your supply chain

SAP IBP fosters seamless cross-team and cross-function collaboration, promoting effective communication and coordination throughout the entire supply chain.

Experience greater agility and flexibility

With SAP IBP, your organisation can adapt its planning processes in real time, swiftly responding to changing demand or supply scenarios.

Optimize Inventory Costs

Leverage SAP IBP's inventory optimization capabilities to fine-tune inventory levels, leading to reduced holding costs and improved cash flow for your organisation.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Gain a competitive edge with SAP IBP's streamlined decision-making, enabling your organisation to respond rapidly to shifts in demand, leading to faster time-to-market for new products.

Boost Profitability and Achieve Business Goals

With improved planning accuracy and optimised costs, SAP IBP empowers organisations to increase profitability and achieve business goals.

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Supply Chain challenges

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