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In today's digitised world, technology plays an increasingly vital role in supply chains. Using digital tools can help reduce costs, enhance efficiency, strengthen resilience, and manage risk.

OMP is a market leader in developing digitised supply chain planning solutions. Recognized for eight consecutive years as a Leader in Gartner®'s Magic Quadrant™ for Supply Chain Planning Solutions, OMP sets the industry standard.

As an OMP partner, we help clients implement and fully exploit OMP solutions.

OMP Consulting
Implementation Services

No implementation can be successful without a team of experts who know the ins and outs of the software and the specifics of the client's industry. R&S Group consultants bring a wealth of experience in implementing supply chain planning solutions across multiple industries. Our collaboration with OMP focuses on the delivery of implementation projects. 

We follow OMP's proven value-driven implementation methodology to ensure the best fit and a smooth delivery with maximum benefit and minimum risk.

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OMP Consulting
OMP Application Support

The implementation of software marks just the beginning of the journey. Despite being a cloud-based application, OMP still requires dedicated maintenance and support.

Our OMP Application Support team offers end-to-end support throughout the entire lifecycle, from day one.

1) Functional Support: Leverage our industry expertise to receive ongoing post-implementation business support – i.e. optimising implemented functionalities, (re)configuring system features, user assistance, training, and functional support during system upgrades.

2) Technical Support: Ongoing system monitoring, enhancement, integration, data migrations, and technical support for upgrades.

For further information refer to the description of our Managed Service approach.


OMP Supply Chain Planning Solutions offers the following:
Network Design

Optimize your complex, multi-echelon supply chain; assess the consequences of supply-chain changes; model your strategic capital-intensive capacities.

Demand Management

Manage short and long-term demand across different user groups and product segments with best-fit forecasting techniques.


Build company-wide consensus through collaborative scenario management and what-if planning; build planning modes that focus on relevant constraints; leverage solvers to resolve supply-chain challenges; ensure seamless integration between S&OP and Operational Planning.

Operational Planning

Leverage intelligent solvers to generate integrated and executable plans for supply, inventory, production, deployment, and distribution; benefit from end-to-end supply chain visibility; detect exceptional situations and focus on value-adding tasks.

Data Management and Integration

Flawless integration with a multitude of enterprise systems, business systems, data repositories, and visibility systems. OMP Integrator for SAP is a turnkey solution ensuring seamless bi-directional integration with SAP S/4HANA or ECC systems.

Value Enhancers

Solve business-critical challenges and plan smarter with AI, data science, deep learning and cognitive features - e.g., Collaboration and Simulation, 360° Control: Analytics and Response, Allocation&Promising, MEIO (Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization), Solvers and AI/ML capabilities


Benefit from SaaS (Software as a service) scalability, accessibility, and availability.

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